We exist to provide an opportunity for boys to develop their social and life skills leading them to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life.

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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

– frederick douglass

About Program Inc.

Helping Boys BEcome Men

Though many factors contribute, children from fatherless homes are often put at a disadvantage early in life, making their future difficult to navigate.

The Program Inc. is a community where fatherless young men have the opportunity to turn their lives around mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically growing into economically contributing and thriving members of society who are breaking the cycles of fatherlessness and producing healthier communities.

“The Program Inc gave me reasons to want to succeed in life…” ~ Participant, Age 17

The research conducted, the U.S. Census Bureau draws a line of the direct correlation between poor outcomes and absent father homes.


  • 90% of all homeless and runaway youth
  • 85% of children who show behavior disorders
  • 71% of high school dropouts
  • 63% of youth suicides
  • 70% of youth in juvenile detention centersSource: 2021 U.S. Census Report

There is a desperate need for youth mentoring programs for children growing up in absent-father homes and supportive services for single mothers.

Programs & Services Overview

  • The Community Development Initiative is an outreach program for young men ages 8-18. The initiative engages youth in fun, hands-on educational events, including topics such as character development, financial literacy, emergency car repair, violence prevention against women and girls, overcoming peer pressure, and more. All events are at no cost to participants.

  • The A-List Mentoring Program focuses on deepening positive and supportive relationships through mentorship for male youth growing up in absent-father homes. The mentors and mentees participate in recreational activities, community service projects, and other hands-on educational opportunities organized by The Program Inc.

  •  The Program Inc. for Women provides education, resources, and a social- support network for single mothers.

I Love the Program Inc...

  • “because they taught me how to be respectful…”
  • “because it is literally changing lives…”
  • “because they showed me that I can shoot for the stars…”


Partners & Sponsors

The Program Inc. has partnered with organizations, agencies, and businesses in several unique ways. Contact us at info@programinc.org to discuss YOUR collaborative impact!


  • 448 Participants
  • 87% of parents of enrolled participants noticed improvement in son’s confidence
  • 100% of participants’ parents gave The Program Inc. a 5- star rating
  • 80% of A-List Mentoring Program Participants have average grades of B and above
  • 1,500+ invested volunteer hours
  • 24 educational events hosted at no cost to participants


The provision of physical space, donating food for events and outings, in-kind donations, group volunteerism, hosting an educational event or outing for education and skills building, and more!

Changing our young men’s stories from statistics to success.